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INSTALLERS of air conditioning ducting will be pleased to hear that there is now a superior multipurpose ducting flange made right here in New Zealand  and more importantly available at a price thats described as extremely competitive.

Until now flange has been imported from various overseas countries and subject to fluctuations in exchange rates.

In 2002, Kevin Stevens, who has 40 years experience in the sheetmetal industry, was prompted by inadequate supply to design a unique high quality flange product.

Four years later, with sales manager Murray Smith and production manager Dale Smith on board, Stevens company Aircon Flange Limited has become New Zealands first manufacturer of ducting flange, corners and cleats.

Its a classic story of old fashioned Kiwi ingenuity, but with a high-tech twist. Stevens approached Brian Watson at Tandarri Engineering in Aucklands East Tamaki to design and build the one-of-a-kind roll forming machine, required to manufacture the flange.

The machine was commissioned in August 2006, and the company has ample stocks of product on hand.

Murray Smith reports that the benefits for customers are significant. Not only will they save money over the imported product, they also have the advantage of ordering product cut to the length of their choice, and of dealing with a local manufacturer. That means that supply is guaranteed all year round, and there is no longer any requirement for customers to hold large quantities of stock, he says.


Plain or insulated

Manufactured from 22 gauge galvanised sheetmetal, Aircon Flanges multipurpose 25mm and 32mm flange system can be used for both plain and insulated ducting and is fully compatible with TDC ducting. It comes in standard five metre lengths and bundles of 100; or can be cut to a specified length for large orders.

There is an allowance for capping to be added for insulated duct, and Aircon Flange is supplied with a bead of UV-resistant and waterproof sealant to ensure minimal leakage.

The corners come in two millimetre zinc plated mild steel and two sizes to match both 25mm and 32mm flange. The cleats are available in 1.2 metre lengths and fit both sizes of flange.

Smith reports great feedback on the product, and the company is currently looking for a South Island distributor.


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