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Programmable safety light curtain with integrated muting functions

Reer has recently revealed SAFEGATE type 4, a new range of safety light curtains that are ideal for the protection of a large number of high-risk industrial applications, particularly those requiring a high level of integration of the muting functions.

Safegate guarantees the integration of the muting sensors that can be connected directly to the safety light curtain. It is the most flexible muting integrated barrier on the market, offering a unique range covering all muting applications. The configuration can also be changed at any time.

The hardware configurable models SM and SMO allow configuration of the muting logic and functional parameters via the main connector wiring, whereas the programmable model's SMPO functional parameters are configured via the Safegate Configuration Software (SCS).

All of the light curtains feature integrated main safety functions, with the SMO and SMPO models offering an integrated status and muting lamp.

Reer also offers a vast range of accessories including special mounting brackets and floor mounting columns.

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