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Sealed Air Instapak Quick RT foam packaging is an innovative and convenient packaging solution that allows a user to protect anything, anywhere and without start-up costs or specialist equipment. It provides users with a custom-fit protective cushion that is fast, easy-to-use and ideal for small-to- medium volume packaging applications. Specific businesses include manufacturers of electrical componentry, automotive and marine manufacturers, general componentry manufacturing, third party logistics, independent business owners, and warranty repair depots. The foam packaging is ideal for businesses that often have one-off or small quantities of high-value items needing protection e.g. prototypes, models or samples. Instead of the time and costs involved in designing one-off, custom-made packaging, Instapak Quick RT foam packaging cushions can be used instead. One customer using this packaging solution is James Nilsson – Winchmakers who use it to protect winches during transport. “We now send all our goods, packed in the Instapak Quick RT foam packaging, safe in the knowledge that they will arrive at their destination in good condition,” explains Debbie, Director at James Nilsson – Winchmakers.

Anybody can now produce protective foam cushions at any location easily, without the burden of capital equipment or installation requirements associated with many packaging systems. By expanding up to 27 times their original size, the foam bags save valuable space. “Each Instapak Quick RT package comes packed neatly in a box for tidy storage,” explains Debbie, “making them the ideal on-demand packaging solution.”
The foam packaging solution consists of a bag containing two liquid components. To create Instapak Quick RT protective foam cushions right out of the box, in three simple steps simply activate the components in the bag by manually pressing on the oval marked “A” to break the seal that separates the two components. After patting side “A” and side “B” 15 to 20 times, the proper mix is achieved. Before the foam begins expanding within the bag, the bag is placed into the shipping container and the product nestled into the rising foam where it forms a custom-fit protective cushion around the product. The foam packaging reduces damage to items by providing superior cushioning, blocking and bracing and void-fill protection. The foam packaging also provides a tidy packaging solution that enhances the appearance of items being shipped.

With six bag sizes, Sealed Air Instapak Quick RT foam packaging is extremely versatile, protecting a variety of products of almost any size, shape and weight. Debbie sums up Instapak Quick RT foam packaging: “They are quick and easy to use, no fuss, no mess, saving a lot of time and effort.”

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