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Improve the taste of wine, blend pieces of fruit into yoghurt without crushing, and get your cheese into equal individual packages with help of a Mouvex eccentric disc pump.

French region Bordeaux is a synonym for high quality wine, and we can now reveal one of the old secrets of French wine makers. For more than a century, they’ve been using Mouvex eccentric disc pumps, capable of transferring the grape material without smashing the seeds, which could contribute to an undesired bitter taste in the wine.
Apart from the taste improvement, vintners achieve savings on replacement spares and on cost of downtime caused by mechanical seals failure.

Leading Australian chocolate producers appreciate the qualities of Mouvex pump as well. This self-priming pump can transfer the product with high viscosity, varying though the process, all while keeping it hot with a heating jacket provided by OEM.
Minimal maintenance (virtually none), and no downtime, helps keep the costs of chocolate low, while hygienic stainless steel design, hygienic certificates (3A approval and EHEDG) and CIP capabilities are required by every food product manufacturer.  
Dairy manufacturers value constant volumetric efficiency. Each revolution of the disc will displace the same constant amount of the product, allowing to package equal portions of the product, such as cheese or yoghurt.

Another important feature of positive displacement pumps is linear increase of flow with increased speed. It allows predicting pump performance accurately even for very viscous products such as cheese.

Quite often strawberry yoghurt “with real pieces of fruit” has no more than a couple of strawberry fibres with seeds. With Mouvex, pieces of fruit within a product such as yoghurt can be transferred without crashing or destroying them thanks to the pump’s low shear qualities and ability to pump particle size.
Manufacturers of paint, shampoo, ketchup and other shear sensitive liquids seek for a positive displacement pump with low shear, low linear speed and no vibrations.

Low pulsation effect saves the product and protects the pump from ware. Ceramic particles in paint, killing other pumps, don’t harm Mouvex.

What is more, the delivery / pressure performance is maintained constant over time due to automatic disc cylinder adjustment. All in all, this pump is the best choice for the food and chemicals manufacturers caring about the quality of the product and low production costs.


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