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Pump it up

Ultima pumps have a two-speed operation that is suited for rugged applications where durability is needed.
They comfortably handle cylinders of five to 25 tons capacity, while withstanding rugged sites and rough treatment, says Enerpac national sales manager Darryl Lange.
The Ultima series of hand pumps features a design that provides ease-of-use and handle effort is reduced by up to 20 percent without – says the firm – compromising speed or performance.
By incorporating a power push handle grip and linkage design, loads are better distributed, further reducing felt load while pumping – minimising operator fatigue.
The hydraulic pumps are compatible with a range of high-pressure hydraulic tools already in many workshops.
A chrome-plated plunger protects the pump from wear and withstands contaminants, while a wiper ring cleans the plunger, preventing contamination from damaging the piston. The vent-free reservoir prevents contaminants from entering the pump through the opening.
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