Rapid acting door minimises heat loss in Gellerts Nursery
Steve Gellert from Gellerts Nursery required a rapid roll door for the massive glasshouse he was building. Gellerts Nursery is situated at Karaka, South Auckland and grows plants inside, over 2.1 hectares of heated greenhouses. The heated greenhouses, imported from Holland, incorporate very advanced technology. The company is focused on being up to date with the latest worldwide growing techniques. Bearing this in mind Steve Gellert approached Ulti Group with his situation: what is best done to minimise the impact that a large door, continuously opening and closing, would have on this heated greenhouse?
Steve was pleased to find that Ulti Group also was focused on providing technically advanced solutions, having some of the most innovative rapid doors available worldwide. Taking into account the glasshouse application, and the large door opening of 3.2m (h) x 5.5m (w), Ulti Group recommended, supplied and installed a totally transparent rapid acting door. Being totally transparent the door seamlessly blends in with the glasshouse environment, and it greatly improves safety in the busy doorway. Operating at high speeds of 1.5m/s this door has proved extremely effective in minimising heat loss in the temperature controlled environment of the greenhouse.
These fully transparent rapid doors are available for many applications. Their strong design means they are rated to external wind loading conditions. Sizes of up to 7m high x 6m wide are easily adapted to mount to existing doorways at any facility. Ulti Group’s rapid acting doors fully comply with today’s enhanced safety requirements and include a light curtain safety sensor system to prevent any accidental impact on plants or personnel. 



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