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Reduce energy bills

Reduce energy bills and improve your power quality with a Power Factor Correction solution from NHP

How can Power Factor Correction benefit you?

Understanding Power Factor Correction (PFC) is the first step towards experiencing the many benefits associated with good power factor. Poor power factor means poor electrical efficiency and in turn, the lower the power factor, the higher the apparent power drawn from the distribution network.

One side effect of this is higher capital expenditures and operating costs for distributors, which in many cases pass on to the consumer in the form of higher tariff rates.

PFC is a means of providing compensation locally to reduce this excess power draw which can result in electricity bill savings, reduced system losses and optimal utilization of energy resources and transformer capacity.

NHP’s PFC Solution Offering

Engineering PFC solutions for over 15 years, NHP are fully equipped to help size, commission and maintain your chosen PFC system. With the flexibility to suit your application requirements, we offer the choice of three PFC systems:

PFCP – Premier PFC System

Includes features such as CUBIC enclosure system, IP42 rating, flexible options

PFCE – Economical PFC System

Your choice is made easy with an extensive range of standard PFC systems to choose from

PFCW – Wall Mount PFC System

Ideal for smaller correction requirements where floor space comes at a premium

By choosing NHP when it comes to designing your next PFC solution, benefits will include:

  • Comprehensive offering providing increased choice
  • Highest quality components
  • Intuitive, easy to use power factor controller
  • Designed, manufactured and tested locally by NHP
  • 12 months standard warranty
  • Service contracts and additional warranty available

PFC Value Add Services from NHP

NHP Application Engineers

NHP’s dedicated team of Application Engineers have in depth experience with power quality analysis. Based on the customer’s specific needs they are able to perform a detailed site analysis and size/recommend an appropriate PFC Solution including any corrective actions. 

NHP Field Support Services

Providing peace of mind and quality assurance, our team of qualified technicians are on call to respond to customer’s varied project needs. Covering a variety of life cycle services including power factor correction, onsite emergency breakdown service, preventative maintenance and commissioning, you can rest assure that NHP have you covered. 

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