Reduce running costs, improve reliability
THE MINING industry is one of the most arduous for electrical equipment, and requires consideration for voltage and frequency swings, thermal capacity, starting capability, mechanical rigidity and degree of protection. 
WEG recognises this and, as a member of the NSA (National Stone Association of USA), has put a lot of effort into developing the ideal product for the quarry industry and to regularly update it to incorporate the most recent technological advances. 
One outcome is the Crusher Duty Motor, which requires many special features and is designed especially for the extreme performance that crushing applications demand.  These features include:
• A 4140 high grade steel shaft (300 percent stronger than 1040 grade used for standard motors).
• High locked rotor torques and break down torque (typically 180 percent LRT and 200 percent BDT).
• Oversized roller bearing at drive end for high load V-belt drive and special non drive end for vertical shaft down mounting.
• FC200 high grade cast iron construction (most general-purpose motors are constructed from FC150 grade cast iron).
• Mechanical labyrinth seals at both ends.
• Through bearing lubrication system.
In addition to using a crusher grade motor, benefits can be realised by matching the correct Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to the motor.
Innovative matching doubles motor life
The perfect match between an electric motor and VSD has been taken to the next level. WEG's massive R&D investment and the joint expertise of electric motor and VSD design engineers have addressed two of the major drawbacks of modern PWM drives: increase in motor temperature rise and high voltage peaks – the consequence of both being a dramatic reduction in motor life.
The WEG CFW09 VSD drive minimises voltage surges by carefully regulating the time between pulses of their Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistors (IGBTs). This decreases the possible surge magnitude by 50 percent, thus protecting the motor winding insulation.
In addition, the WEG CFW09 takes advantage of ‘Vectrue’ technology to decrease motor temperature rise by as much as 11 percent. Since motor life is halved by every 10 degrees Celsius increase in its operating temperature, this technology can increase motor life by two-fold. A combination of low V peaks and dV/dt at the motor terminals, lower motor temperature rise, and a high performance drive and motor architecture makes WEG the perfect solution to the most arduous industrial applications.
This new VSD technology redefines the concept of a matched motor and drive package with benefits including:
• A motor and drive, engineered and manufactured by the same supplier.
• A technically integrated solution adding measurable technical benefits to the user by limiting dV/dt and Vpeak at the motor, as well as permitting fast and accurate motor tuning.
• A VSD which knows about the motor. Motor electromechanical characteristics are built in to the drive software affording minimal motor temperature rise and extending motor life.
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