Maintenance Matters
Reliability is key for SKF

The subject of reliability is a key focus area within the food and beverage segment for many years but has seen an increasing level of interest. With many maintenance budgets being targeted in cost cutting exercises the pressure on maintenance staff to be as efficient and effective with their tasks become increasingly important. In order to become more efficient and more effective, it is important to first understand the equipment and how it fits into the operation of the entire plant.

SKF Asset Management services 

With experience in a range of manufacturing and processing industries and machine reliability, SKF is able to provide a comprehensive range of strategic and tactical asset management services.  Using a proven assessment process to understand the business goals, drivers, challenges and culture, a specifically tailored road map for improving reliability is developed.

Applying proven Asset Efficiency Optimization (AEO) methodology to develop solutions enable assets to produce more without increasing capital spending on new equipment and increasing the return on assets. The implementation of solutions such as Maintenance Strategy  Review helps ensure that the right maintenance is done on the right equipment, at the right time, with the right resources and also for the right reasons. This can lead to reducing overall maintenance costs in a sustainable manner while increasing the overall plant availability and reliability.

SKF Food line bearings

The food and beverage industry is constantly facing the pressure to optimize production, reduce costs and comply with strict health and safety regulations along with environmental regulations being enforced.  SKF is able help through providing solutions to address these business challenges.

SKF Food Line Y-bearing units are designed to reduce washdown related problems of corrosion, premature failure and environmental impact. Combining a composite housings with a stainless steel bearing fitted with the SKF 2RF multiple seal design, SKF Food Line Y-bearing units keep detergent, water and other contaminants out of the bearing cavity, while keeping lubricant inside making these units relubrication free with the housings having no relubrication features. This minimises lubrication and the risk of grease contamination to the process.

SKF Food grade lubricants

Use of safe lubricants around food production is important, but also of high importance is to use a lubricant suitable for the application. SKF has a range of gear, hydraulic and chain oils along with greases to suit the demands of the rotating equipment to provide reliable operation.

SKF Food Grade Lubricants are NSF H1 registered along with Kosher and Halal certified. Additionally, they rely on the ISO 21469 standard which helps ensure that they are produced and delivered according to the highest hygienic requirements.

Condition monitoring tools

Understanding the condition of rotating equipment is a critical step in making informed decisions on what maintenance needs to be undertaken and how soon it needs to be done. Listening to vibrations using a screwdriver and checking temperature by feel but very hard to document and compare information.

SKF Enlight QuickCollect

The SKF QuickCollect sensor is an easy to use bluetooth enabled handheld sensor that connects to apps on your tablet, smart phone or smart watch. Combining vibration and temperature sensing, overall data can be viewed on the spot in real time or pushed to the cloud for future analysis. Suitable for hazardous environments, the app provides readings on velocity, acceleration and temperature against standard alarm levels.     

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