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Rugged, galvanically isolated DC/DC converters with IP67 rating

Now in stock at Powerbox, the DVC Series of rugged, galvanically isolated DC/DC converters for use in applications with tough environmental conditions. The DVC Series provides excellent transient protection which make them very well suited for use within the electric forklift market and other vehicle based applications. With an IP 67 protection rating these converters are well protected against dust, moisture and pollutants and a fully potted design offers protection within high shock and vibration environments. A flanged baseplate makes mounting these converters very easy and the baseplate can be used to conduct heat away allowing these products to be used in environments with higher ambient temperatures. The input voltage ranges on the DVC Series are a lot wider than standard DC-DC converters and are typically 17-40V, 25-70V, 33-90V and 56-154V and output power ranges from 75 to 500 Watts.

Other features of the DVC Series are;
Rugged construction / potted device
Protection against unfavourable environmental conditions
DC/DC wide range input

  • Filtered against vehicle on-board disturbances
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40 to +75 Deg C
    Galvanic isolation of 1,5kV
  • Design acc. to EN60950, EN50155, EN1175, ISO20898
  • Over Temperature protection
    Short-circuit / No-load protection
  • Parallel connectable



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