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Smaller cylinder packs more punch
Smaller cylinder packs more punch

SMC says it is helping customers meet the demand for space-saving components that drive down costs and drive up productivity, with the launch of two compact cylinders. 

SMC’s latest compact cylinders, the JMGP guide cylinder and the compact JCQ Series, have been designed with weight and space savings in mind. Both help to reduce machine sizes and costs, and deliver increased efficiency due to their lightweight nature which could enhance cycle time. 

“We feel that this cylinder will satisfy the required air cylinder specifications from many customers” comments Tony Randall, Head of OEM & Key Accounts at SMC Australia|New Zealand. 

Making its first debut appearance in Australia since its release, Randall feels the product will receive considerable interest from the market. 

“By developing the product in response to our customers’ operating conditions, it is possible to achieve a more compact body for the product. An investigation survey completed on customer operations revealed that it is possible to cover large parts of the market with half of the current capacity. Therefore, the new products match the market demand” he explains.  

According to Randall it is possible to increase the cylinder size using the same footprint as an existing product. By increasing the cylinder tube size, the operating pressure can be reduced and performance maintained, which leads to energy conservation.  

Intermediate sizes are available, which means the footprint of the product can be reduced and performance maintained. 

The background of the product development comes from a market survey, which showed that users required more compact and optimised cylinders with regards to performance and cylinder size, whilst also wishing to reduce the energy required. 

The JMGP is a guide cylinder, featuring a dual rod, which has been designed for a variety of applications including pushing, clamping and lifting where there are space and weight restrictions in a transport line or for robotic manipulation and handling. The compact JCQ is ideal for similar applications where a short cylinder is required, but without the guiding capability. 

As a result of the survey, it turned out that approximately half of the users put more importance on the output instead of guide strength.  

Very suitable for applications where pushing, lifting and clamping is required, the product is available in three mounting options with four possible piping directions. 

“With space being at a premium in many manufacturing plants, the need to produce smaller, more efficient machinery is growing. These two new models achieve just that, as they are both smaller than similar cylinders on the market. Being lighter in weight, they also achieve improved cycle times and help to deliver higher output.” 

It is investments in R&D and new products such as the J-Series which has seen this Japanese multinational win the Forbes Innovation Prize for a third time.


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