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Soanar now stocking Keysight
Soanar now stocking Keysight

Soanar now stocks a range of hand-held test and measurement tools from Keysight, the world’s leading electronic measurement company. The company promises that Keysight’s near century of technical expertise has netted it a well-earned reputation of trust and integrity. The company started out as Hewlett Packard in 1939, in 1999 became Agilent and since 2013 has been called Keysight.
Soanar now has in stock the following Keysight products:
• (U1233A) Autoranging Digital Multimeter 6000CT CATIII 600V.  
• (U1242C) Autoranging Digital Multimeter 10000CT CATIII 1KV IP67.  
• (U1272A) Autoranging Digital Multimeter 30000CT CATIII 1KV IP54.  
• (U1282A) Autoranging Digital Multimeter 60000CT CATIII 1KV IP67.  
• (U1213A) Digital Clampmeter Open Jaw
AC/DC 1000A.   
• (U1194A) Digital Clampmeter Open Jaw AC/DC 600A.  
• (U1602B) Scope Meter 20MHZ 6000CT True RMS.  
• (U1604B) Scope Meter 40MHZ 6000CT True RMS.  
These Keysight tools, says Soanar, will ensure minimal downtime and maintenance costs over the lifetime of your investment as they all have the following attributes:
• Highly reliable.  
• Extremely accurate.
• Durable and long-lasting.  
• Extended calibration intervals.
• Three-year Warranty. 

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