Maintenance Matters
Soft option for preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is about saving money and increasing profits. In any business, downtime means lost income.
Investing in good maintenance practices not only reduces downtime and ensures a more reliable operation, it also extends the life of plant equipment. Preventative maintenance is an investment that brings a return to any business.
But how can a business owner ensure that all the required maintenance is done on time? How can a production manager take control of their maintenance schedules? To answer these questions, New Zealand based tech company Simply Synergy created an online maintenance software program called Maintain It.
Designed by maintenance engineers, the program blends simplicity, power, functionality and flexibility. It allows any business to organise its assets and create maintenance schedules to build a complete maintenance profile of the business operation.
It automatically creates external work orders and internal tasks from asset schedules then emails service contractors and tracks overdue jobs to make sure that all plant maintenance is covered, on time, every time.
Leading the way in New Zealand, the Yealands Estate Winery in Marlborough is designed to handle around 11,000 tonnes of estate grown wine at full production.
At the core of the winery are the assets; the winepresses, conveyors, tanks and support systems that produce the wine. So with more than 900 assets to run and maintain, Yealands chose the Maintain It system.
Peter Mann of Yellands says: “Yealands Estate has been using the Maintain It system since the winery’s completion in 2007.
“We have found it easy to keep track of workflow with its management of external work orders and internal tasks.
“It is also reassuring to know that you will be reminded of when scheduled tasks are due so that critical maintenance doesn’t get missed.
“It was easy to set up and found that our staff picked it up intuitively so we were up and running in a matter of days. It has certainly made the managing of the maintenance schedules and daily tasks a lot easier.”
Not only does the Maintain It system take the stress out of plant maintenance, it also allows Yealands to identify, control and reduce their asset maintenance costs. It tracks cost centres, identifies maintenance trends and reveals areas of potential savings.
For every business owner that wants to effectively measure and manage their maintenance investment, the Maintain It online maintenance software is an obvious and rewarding solution.
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