Spray on coating with corrosion inhibitor

THE Enviropeel thermo-plastic coating system is a spray-on barrier coating system that is not only environmentally friendly, but also comes with built-in corrosion inhibitors. This makes it ideal for combating hot spot corrosion as well as for mothballing and stand-by equipment storage. Applied hot to vulnerable areas of machinery, the Enviropeel system is said to reduce the costs associated with corrosion in the toughest of work environments and in storage areas by up to 95 percent. It has been proven overseas to provide protection for more than 20 years in very harsh conditions. Heated to 170 degrees Celsius, Enviropeel is pumped onto the areas requiring coating in a hot stream. The product cools instantly to provide a perfectly fitting coat over the components – and yet it can be easily cut and peeled off for repeated reuse if required. The built-in rust inhibitors within the plastic coating are constantly released from the material onto all internal surfaces and threads, giving complete protection for the lifetime of the component. A smaller slugger gun, which allows the plastic to be applied at a slower rate, is used for coating repairs. This is especially useful if an inspection of the component is required without fully exposing the area to outside contaminants. Envirocoatings NZ, a recently formed company, supplies and markets Enviropeel in New Zealand, along with other products from the Alocit Corporation. Licenced application companies such as IMG Envirocoatings, provide a one-stop-shop to either coat components in-house (with a pick-up and delivery service), or with a mobile on-the-road trailer-based unit to service on-site contracts. The aim of IMG Envirocoatings is to access all client locations and undertake their requirements without any disruption. All operators have completed the extensive Enviropeel training course and have achieved the licensed standard required. Industries that can benefit from the Enviropeel system include the mining, power generation and marine industries – or any companies that function in wet, dusty or corrosive environments and rely on their spares being in a usable condition when required. Particularly valuable is the use of the product on plant and equipment where corrosion repairs can result in expensive downtime. Flanges and bolts on product lines are typical application uses. Recent work has included applications on off-shore oil rig platforms and at the New Zealand Steel complex at Glenbrook South Auckland. They have used IMG Envirocoatings to identify and coat spare parts at their facilities. They have realised the advantages of coating specific vulnerable areas of components with Enviropeel – prolonging the life of components in the field and eliminating the need to store items indoors. • reader enquiries quote: D090226

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