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Terminal blocks for a price-sensitive market

Electro-technical systems for price-sensitive markets are usually produced directly on site since this allows for local companies to be competitive. The demand is often for economical, universal solutions – such as terminal blocks with bolt or screw connections.

The global increase in energy consumption means that switchgear equipment and systems for distributing energy have to increase in efficiency. In the interest of saving costs, many companies develop and produce in the countries and regions where the products will be used later. Additionally, customers can often better identify with the products. Here, cost-efficient components are needed, some of which are subject to the approval requirements of the specific country.

Applications and market requirements
Terminal blocks not only have to meet the specifications of various markets, but also those of various applications and industries. They are used in high, medium and low-voltage systems, in energy generation, and in transformers. They are also important in telecommunications, shipbuilding, rail, and particularly in mechanical engineering. For all of these applications, Phoenix Contact has the RBO series with bolt connections and the RSC series with screw connections. Both series can be mounted directly or on a rail. For both series, measuring transducer disconnect terminal blocks are also available.

The terminal blocks meet the specifications in UL 1059 and IEC 60947-7-1. Tests pursuant to railway standard 50155 and Germanischer Lloyd have shown that they can be used worldwide.

Space-saving and versatile
Thanks to their narrow shape, the open-style ring lug (RBO) bolt terminal blocks are suitable for switchgear systems in telecommunications, HVAC, and infrastructure. Conductors are connected using ring and fork-style cable lugs. Depending on the application, the terminal blocks come with rated cross- sections of 10mm² and 35mm². The rated voltage is 800V according to IEC and 600V according to UL. A maximum current of 57A is permissible with 10mm²; a maximum current of 125A is permissible with 35mm². There are single and multi-pole flange terminal blocks for direct mounting in control boxes, which can be connected together using engagement pins. Preassembled blocks are available for easy wiring.
A bridging channel distributes potential. The RBO measuring transducer disconnect terminal blocks for direct and standard rail mounting are approved for a rated voltage of 800V according to IEC and 600V according to UL. The rated cross-section is 10mm² with a maximum current of 50A. The separating plate is anchored using a screw – this prevents unintentional switching. Standard screw bridges distribute potential via the bridging channel while isolator bridge bars are also available for switchable cross connections. The threaded bolts and current bars locked in the insulation housing are also beneficial.

For applications requiring larger cross-sections, the high-current connector from the RBO series with a rated cross-section of 70mm² provides an excellent solution. This terminal block, with a M8 bolt thread, is approved for a rated voltage of 1000V and a maximum current of 192A. A protective cover can be optionally snapped on to provide contact protection, which has inspection holes in it to enable checks to be made.
Connection rails are used for comfortable potential distribution.

Secure screw connection as an alternative
The product range for the compact RSC (ring lug screw) terminal blocks with a screw connection includes terminal blocks with rated cross-sections of 4mm² with a rated current of 32A, 10mm² with a rated current of 57A, as well as 35mm2 with a rated current of 125A. Blocks are easy to form in direct mounting using engagement pins. The threaded nuts and current bars are also locked in the insulation housing. The rated voltage of 800V according to IEC and 600V according to UL make the terminal blocks safe solutions for applications worldwide.

The measuring transducer disconnect terminal blocks in the RSC 5 series are designed for a rated cross-section of 10mm² with a maximum current of 50A.
They are permissible for a rated voltage of 800V according to IEC and 600V according to UL. The separating plate can be moved via a screw in order to prevent unintentional switching. All models have a central screw bridging channel for distributing potential.

Comprehensive accessories
There is a comprehensive range of accessories available for both the RBO and RSC terminal block ranges. Fixed bridges are mounted in the bridging channel to distribute potential. Isolator bridge and switch bars for switchable cross connections between the individual terminal blocks are available, as are separating plates for separating neighbouring bridges. Separating plates can be inserted to avoid division losses, which is particularly important in tight spaces. The complete Phoenix Contact product range i supplemented with ring and fork-type cable lugs. Crimping pliers, strippers, and cutters are available for assembling wires. Additionally, there are centre and side slots for easy labelling on all terminal blocks.

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