Maintenance Matters
Total fan solutions
Total fan solutions

From high to low temperatures and contaminated conditions, industrial fans are often operated under harsh conditions. Ensuring the reliability of the complete asset requires each of the sub-components to be designed and maintained to suit the application and operating conditions.

Based on extensive first-hand experience, SKF has developed a range of solutions for industrial fans and HVAC systems to help improve cost-efficiency and provide trouble-free operation.

Electric motors

OEM manufacturers face increasing demands for higher quality and higher efficiency products to meet the needs of end-user customers. However, there is a vast number of applications these motors can be installed in with a wide variation of operating conditions.

SKF Insocoat bearings are designed to address the issue of stray electric currents, leading to premature bearing failures resulting from variable speed drives which are more commonly being used for improved control and efficiency.

SKF Energy Efficient (E2) deep groove ball bearings can help reduce energy use and operating costs for small to medium-size motors operating in a range of industries. Available with new low-friction contact seals and metallic shields, SKF E2 deep groove ball bearings combine optimised internal geometry and surface finish with a special
low-friction grease and cage to deliver several benefits.

Power transmission

To transfer rotational power from one shaft to another it is important to use a suitable design, whether couplings for direct alignment or through a belt drive for offset shafts.  Alignment of the shafts is critical for either connection type to maximise the drive efficiency and service life along with a correct drive design.

SKF offers a range of belt and coupling alignment tools to suit from basic to advanced alignment.  The TMEA series of shaft alignment tools offers simplicity with a high degree of accuracy in a three-step process: measuring, aligning (horizontally and vertically) and documenting. Consisting of just two components, a laser-emitting unit and a receiving unit, the TKBA series of belt alignment tools attach easily and allows precise detection of misalignment.

Fan shafts

SKF SNL, SAF and SONL housings and seals are designed for use with SKF self-aligning bearings, and are suitable for the locating or non-locating positions. They maximise service life by combining stiffness, highly accurate machined surfaces and an ability to draw heat away from the bearing. They also allow simplified field installation and fully automated lubricant delivery. SONL oil filled housings can accommodate either oil bath or circulated systems for high temperature or high speed applications.

SKF offers an innovative bearing system. It consists of two self-aligning bearings, a CARB toroidal roller bearing in the non-locating position and a spherical roller bearing in the locating position. The system accommodates thermal expansion of the fan shaft within the CARB bearing, virtually without friction. This system runs with lower friction, temperature and vibration levels, reduces power consumption and enables higher fan speeds.

No matter how extensive the upgrade is, SKF has the tools and services to maintain it more reliably. From basic condition monitoring to Predictive Maintenance and Operator Driven Reliability, SKF can implement and conduct ongoing reliability programmes, or equip and train maintenance teams to do so independently.  

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