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Unbalanced loads swiftly and safely solved
Unbalanced loads swiftly and safely solved

Lifting and lowering of heavy and sometimes awkwardly balanced mobile and static machinery can waste expensive time in setup and operation while also exposing maintenance and operations teams to unnecessary hazards. 

The problem can occur across many industries that routinely handle high-tonnage and unbalanced loads, including mining, bulk handling, construction, civil engineering, infrastructure and ports, power generation, oil and gas, transport servicing and waste management.  

Many such industries are dependent on the quick and efficient servicing of key machinery such as material handlers, wheel loaders, graders, ‘bulldozers, off-road and heavy trucks and rail stock, axle assemblies, trash compactors, steel and concrete bridge construction components, slab lifts and turbine installation and maintenance. 

A solution to the challenges of such lifts is presented by the latest Enerpac LL-Series Level Lift System, which allows a single operator to safely control the lifting and lowering of large, uneven loads up to 800 tons.  

The compact but powerful 700-bar (10,000psi) Level Lift System uses a central, semi-automated pump for control of up to four lift points for safe, fast, even and controlled lifting and lowering of uneven loads.  

The robust and cost-efficient system offers the flexibility to isolate and control movement at each point. The pendant-operated, automated cycle program allows for continuously controlled operation throughout the lifting and lowering process. 

The Level Lift system can control up to four lift points at once without complicated electronics or sensors at each lift point, making it easy to use and improving operator efficiency, says Enerpac Mining & Integrated Solutions Manager – Australia and New Zealand, Warren Baltineshter. 

Level Lift extends Enerpac’s global expertise in lifting, shifting and positioning heavy objects, which ranges from split-flow pumps for lifting-only projects through to sophisticated Integrated Solutions (IS) Division technologies such as Strand Jacks, Hydraulic Gantries, Skidding Systems and EVO Synchronous Lifting Systems, which provide precise positioning and features such as weighing, centre of gravity measurement and data recording. 


Fully configured system 

The Level Lift System is a fully configured and assembled system, which includes a ZE4 pump, hoses, gauges and cart. During operation, uneven loads are moved evenly as Enerpac’s patented Level Lift valve sends a fixed volume of oil to each cylinder while lifting or lowering. Regardless of the distribution of weight in the application, or the resulting pressure at each lift point, the Level Lift System strokes each cylinder by the same amount. Each cylinder must have the same effective area. 

Level Lift can be used safely and cost-efficiently for off-highway vehicles and railway components common to resource sites The system can also be used for gear drives and slew ring bearings maintenance on excavators and materials handlers; undercarriage maintenance on a variety of trucks and ‘dozers, or rebuilds on wheel loaders, dozers, trucks and trash compactors. 



Configured with a simple, three-button pendant, the Level Lift System allows for a single point of control away from the application to reduce the risk of operator miscommunication. The

Lift/Lower valve enables easy switching between lift and lower modes, with gauges located on the cart for convenient pressure monitoring. 

“For applications with multiple lift points, the Level Lift System provides a safe, fast lifting solution,” said Baltineshter. “With the ability to control up to four lift points simultaneously, and an intuitive, user-friendly design, the Level Lift System provides our customers with a safe, easy solution for demanding lifts.” 


Key Features: 

• Level lift valve. 

• Four outlets, lift and lower. 

• Gauges. 

• Individual line gauges. 

• Pendant control. 

• Simple three-button pendant allows for safe, simple operation. 

• Pump and auto-cycle. 

• Pre-programmed ZE4 with 19 litre reservoir. 

• Hose management. 

• Can store up to 15 metres of hose. 

• Positioning and manoeuvrability. 

• Large diameter pneumatic tires. 

• Transportation. 

• Forklift runners built-in. 

• Brake 

• Foot brake for locking the unit in place. #160810


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