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Vega plics goes smart

Bluetooth opens up new possibilities for all plics level and pressure transmitters from Vega, so the level and pressure instrumentation specialist has brought a Bluetooth solution to the market – the first sensor manufacturer to do so, it says. A new generation of the universal display and adjustment module Plicscom will allow all the transmitters in the plics instrument platform to be remotely operated via an App – easily, conveniently and securely.

Plicscom wireless Bluetooth communication is suitable for all industries and particularly suited for applications in difficult to access locations, harsh industrial environments and hazardous Ex areas. The best feature: the new module is backward compatible, which means it can be used on the entire installed base of more than 1.5 million plics sensors, many in operation since 2002. They are in plants all around the globe – across all measuring principles, with a proven adjustment system, without a software update.

Simply download the Vega Tools App, insert Plicscom into the instrument, done! From a safe distance with a smartphone or tablet, using encrypted communication security, the user can immediately set up and adjust plics sensors conveniently and safely. Remote display and diagnostic functions are also available.

For those who still want to adjust their plics sensors on site, Vega has another clever option up its sleeve: a magnetic pen allows contactless operation right through the viewing window of the closed lid. The instruments are thus always well protected, even bad weather conditions and soiling cannot affect them – a major advantage over optical communication methods. The magnetic pen operation and Bluetooth communication offer another advantage: costly, involved authorizations for working in hazardous areas (hot work permits) are unnecessary. A situation unparalleled in the process industry until now, says Vega.

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