Vertical motion arms offer simple adjustments

Hoffman’s SYSPEND vertical motion arms for HMI enclosures and devices allow easy adjustment for the varying vertical and horizontal requirements of a wide range of applications.

The arms support up to 56 kilograms and feature field-adjustable counterbalances that allow users to set, and reset, the lifting force – accommodating weight changes due to load and equipment changeouts by the customer. Additionally, the system eliminates the need for custom counterbalanced arms set by the factory and are easily recalibrated onsite, without the expense of special tools or service calls.

Hoffman's SYSPEND product family includes the:

Monitor and Keyboard Arm – a vertical motion arm for mounting a flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse in industrial environments.

VL-Motion Arm, Type 4 – a vertical locking industrial arm for lifting and repositioning HMI enclosures in NEMA Type 4 and 12 environments. A locking release handle is ideal for applications where machine vibration is a concern. 

VHD-Motion Arm, Type 4 – a vertical heavy duty industrial arm for lifting and repositioning HMI enclosures in NEMA Type 4 and Type 12 environments. The 660 mm arm counterbalances 20 to 56.7 kilos, while the 914mm arm is available for loads of 11.3 to 34 kilos.

VHDS-Motion Arm, Type 4X – a vertical heavy duty stainless industrial arm which provides corrosion resistance and allows for process and control equipment suspension for easy cleaning.


There are wall-, machine- and post-top-mounting accessories available, and the SYSPEND system allows enclosure and arm to be swiveled up to 330 degrees, depending on the model, with swivel stops available in 30-degree increments. The monitor and keyboard arm swivels 340 degrees at the monitor end and 180 degrees at the mounting end.

This provides machine operators with the ability to directly interface with both a machine and computer for increased productivity, responsiveness and ergonomics.





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