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Viper Mini MK II wire rope lubricator now in New Zealand

Australia’s leading wire rope lubrication specialist Viper WRL Pty Ltd has officially launched a new product: the Viper Mini MK II. Small it may be, but the Viper Mini MK II is just as powerful, fast and effective as other Vipers.

“Despite its smaller size, the Viper Mini MK II has the same capability, strength and speed as the Viper MK II,” said lubrication specialist Geoff Manley, General Manager of Lubrication Engineers Pty Ltd in Australia.

Like its larger predecessors, this product eliminates the need for manual greasing with its single pass wire rope lubrication, at speeds of up to 1,000 metres per hour.

The added benefit of the Viper Mini is its smaller size, weight and portability, meaning that it can be carried and installed by one person, instead of two, providing superior protection for smaller steel ropes. The Viper Mini ensures that all ropes, of varying diameters – from 8mm to 30mm (35mm with HS Kit) – receive effective lubrication, in a safe, mess-free application,” says Manley. Further, Manley is confident that the size and portability of the Viper Mini will make rope lubrication attractive to a broader market.

“Because the Viper Mini can be installed by one person instead of two, it means that rope lubrication is now available to smaller companies who may only have one maintenance staff member. Currently these companies are protecting their rope assets with manual greasing, or not at all.”

Manual greasing can be dangerous to staff and it does not result in maximum asset protection, but until now many companies have not had the resources to implement effective rope lubrication. The Viper Mini changes that.

Key features and benefits
Fast and efficient rope lubrication:
Set up and install only take minutes.
No tools required.
Clean and lubricate ropes in one application at speeds of up to

Eliminates manual greasing:
Safer for staff, reduced lubricant usage, less leakage and mess.

Wide size range:
Viper Mini can lubricate ropes from 8mm (5/16”) to
30mm (1 3/16”). High Speed kit can do up to 35mm
(1 3/8”) ropes.

Maximum rope protection:
Unique seal design induces lubricant penetration into rope for added corrosion protection.

Contact: Lubrication Engineers NZ Ltd Ph 09 415 9411 or email

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