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Webtec - hydraulic testing equipment
Webtec - hydraulic testing equipment

Webtec are specialist manufacturers of hydraulic measurement and control products helping to improve the productivity of heavy machinery.
Product Range

  • Diagnostic test equipment
  • Flow condition monitoring
  • Hydraulic control valves
  • Test stand Instrumentation

Hyspecs carry a wide range of Webtec products, the following are but a few examples of
this range. Please speak to a Hyspecs Engineer to find out more.

Diagnostic test equipment
Ideal for hydraulic fault-finding and reporting, used by mobile machinery dealers and
service technicians worldwide. The equipment often pays for itself the second time it’s used through a reduction in ‘warranty claims’, only replacing faulty parts and a reduction in machine downtime.

Portable hydraulic testers

  • Simplified digital testers DHT ‘1’ Series (DHT401).
  • Digital testers with remote inputs DHT ‘2’ Series (DHT402).
  • Digital testers with remote inputs cont DHCR Series (DHCR 402).

Hand-held hydraulic data loggers and readouts
Sensor Recognition (SR)
Sensors can be plugged into any input of an HPM readout, automatic recognition of the type, range and calibration of the sensor. No user input.
Application: Mobile hydraulic system testing.

Digital pressure gauge

  • Digital pressure gauge with peak capture.
  • Two pressure ranges available 100 / 600 bar.
  • Backlit display.
  • Change engineering units.

Flow Condition Monitoring
Visual condition monitoring of flow and temperature with optional feedback to PLC or visual / audible alarms, often used on hydraulic lubrication or cooling systems. Prevents costly failures as circuits can be switched off at the earliest indication of a problem.

Hydraulic Control Valves
Flow, pressure and directional control valves for end-users as well as OEM mobile machinery applications with your choice of thread and port size, made to order and fully tested to standard or custom specifications.

Test stand Instrumentation
Complete test stand instrumentation solutions to produce a test certificate quickly and easily. Ideal when verifying repaired hydraulic pumps, motors or valves against a traceable standard or high-speed data-logging for research and development. 

For more information on Hyspecs Webtec Testing Equipment, talk with one of our engineers on
0800 497 732 or visit or

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