Maintenance Matters
Without exception, the very best learning experience for engineers in NZ

As a professional Maintenance Engineer, you keep the machinery of our country working while you constantly strive to improve your plant up-time, reduce unplanned down-time, reduce plant operating costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity. 

“Here at the Maintenance Engineering Society of NZ, we share your passion”, said Barry Robinson the President of MESNZ.  “We are committed to helping grow good maintenance professionals by advising, mentoring, training, and connecting engineers of all levels – from apprentices to plant owners.” 

Many plants battle with the same problems, and it is so wasteful to learn expensive lessons that other organisations have already learned. 

“At MESNZ we can help them to help you,” Robinson added. “By connecting you with other engineers and technical experts your plant could improve performance, save resources, reduce budgets and achieve real benefits at minimal investment.” 

The National Maintenance Engineering Conference (NMEC 2017) is without exception the very best practical and real learning experience for engineers in New Zealand. 

“Everyone loves to learn and grow, and by connecting you and your engineers to a wealth of knowledge, experience and training your plant will immediately benefit from increased engagement and application of learning.  And NMEC is very, very cost effective professional development – is premium quality event, but it is run by MESNZ volunteers who are mad about improving productivity for New Zealand.”. 

“The programme for 2017 has just been announced with high quality speakers and a wide variety of topics that are going to challenge and absorb participants.  Take a look at this line-up, there is something that will directly benefits every maintenance engineer in New Zealand. 

  • Lean Maintenance. 
  • Complete Shut Management. 
  • Engineering the exoskeleton – from aliens to mechanically-enhanced humans. 
  • How to protect your business from counterfeit and poor-quality materials.
  • H&S made simple, logical and real. How not be drawn into the ‘smoke and mirrors’ gravy train of the H&S industry. 
  • Filtration and meeting the Food Safety Standards. 
  • Main-streaming of full-strength metal 3D-printed components in New Zealand. 
  • Women make great engineers – but where are they? 
  • The future of Safety Reporting on the shop floor. 
  • Serious Stress Raisers – how the life of steel is affected by what you do it. 
  • Failure analysis case studies 
  • Machines live and die by lubrication – how to get it right. 
  • Machine tool alignment. 
  • Compressed air and steam essentials. 
  • Insulation breakdown in electrical machines. 
  • PLC’s – don’t get caught out when they fail. 
  • Common myths about Variable Speed Drives. 

MESNZ and NMEC – helping companies and engineers with whatever they need to achieve constant improvement across every single aspect of their plant.  

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