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World leading drug testing agencies open New Zealand laboratory

The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA) is opening a state-of-the-art drug testing laboratory that will introduce a revolutionary new level of service and expertise to its services.

A joint venture with United States based Omega Laboratories, Inc. - one of the world's leading provider of hair and oral fluid (saliva) specimen testing - TDDA's clients throughout Australasia will soon be able to enjoy a quicker turnaround of test results, all backed by leading lab testing expertise.

Known as TDDA Omega Laboratory Services it will offer state-of-the-art drug testing services, as well as research testing methods to address the ever-increasing diversity of synthetic drugs that are flooding into the community. The laboratory testing methods will be updated regularly to ensure they keep pace with the illicit drug developments.

Testing will also include an extended pain management panel that includes the majority of opioid medications that have significant abuse and addiction potential.

The Auckland laboratory is due to open later this year and will be headed by Dr Paul Fitzmaurice. Dr Fitzmaurice, who has a PhD in Toxicology, has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, most recently working for the New Zealand Government owned ESR (The Institute of Environmental Science and Research), including managing the Workplace Drug Testing programme as part of his role.

Kirk Hardy, CEO, TDDA says that the last few years have seen industries like manufacturing and construction take workplace drug and alcohol testing extremely seriously. “This partnership with Omega Laboratories offers employers in Australasia the benefit of having accurate and fast turnaround time for our clients in the region”.

Bill Corl CEO Omega Laboratories’ his company is confident that pairing Omega’s technology with the expertise of TDDA will greatly benefit the growing drug testing market globally, while maintaining the quality and efficiency benefits that come from working with two of the most respected names in drug testing.

Hair testing will be used to detect lifestyle drug usage with its longer detection period, while urine and oral fluid (saliva) testing will be used to detect recent usage. This means that clients will now have access to the most accurate testing options to address their needs and help create a safer workplace.

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