ANZCO embarks on group-wide energy management programme

One of New Zealand¹s largest exporters is set to save more than $2 million a year and enhance its global reputation as a sustainable producer through a company-wide energy management programme.

EECA Business today announced it would support the initiative over two years to help ANZCO generate long-term energy savings in its New Zealand plants.

With annual sales of NZ $1.25 billion, ANZCO Foods Ltd processes and markets New Zealand beef and lamb products around the world. The firm employs over
3,000 staff world-wide and has 11 meat processing plants in New Zealand.

This programme will target a reduction in its processing plant energy use by
25 GWh, returning ongoing annual savings of $2.45 million after two years.

EECA Business General Manager Ian Niven says that making better use of its energy will provide far-reaching benefits for the company and congratulated the company on its vision.

³Globally New Zealand is recognised for sustainably produced, premium quality meat products. And energy efficiency is one of the best ways to strengthen environmental credentials.

³By taking a lead in energy efficiency, ANZCO is making significant energy cost savings and signaling to its customers that it is committed to sustainable production,² he says.

ANZCO Managing Director, Mark Clarkson says the programme will deliver on many levels for the company.

³Sustainability is key to the ANZCO brand and we are always looking for new ways to build on our reputation for environmentally responsible production, so reducing energy costs is a priority.²

The programme involves the establishment of a group-wide energy management plan, led by a team responsible for putting in place up to $5 million of identified energy efficiency projects.

With the assistance of one of EECA Business¹ industrial programme partners, ANZCO will set up a system to help keep the programme on-track, measure efficiency outcomes, and develop case studies for a number of the projects.

Ian Niven says management commitment is key to the programme achieving its objectives.

³From the Board of Directors through to site operations, ANZCO leadership has indicated it wants to foster a culture of efficient energy use throughout the company.

³Such commitment is important to the success of making enduring improvements to energy management.²

EECA Business funding of up to $450,000 will be made available in stages upon achievement of various programme milestones.