Energy savings win award

EECA Business general manager Ian Niven says the firm’s sustainability efforts achieved energy savings across the kiwifruit and avocado cool storage business.
“Electricity is the company’s third biggest cost. By keeping an eye on energy use, through the use of price monitoring, and actively managing electricity demand,   Trevelyan’s Pack and Cool was able to cut its costs by $23,000 a year,” says Niven.
“They also managed a 45 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by improving the fuel efficiency of their transport fleet, and encouraging measures such as car-pooling among staff.
“Key to its success in winning the award was senior management taking a leadership role in applying sustainability principles to the business.
“Their achievement is an example to all businesses of how management commitment to energy efficiency can deliver on many levels.”
The EECA Business-sponsored Emerging Large and Corporate Business award, is for companies with more than 100 employees.