Fairbrother Industries expands in Australia

Fence post installers, site maintenance teams and public works crews will be major beneficiaries as Kinghitter enhances direct supply lines to the industries of Australia, it says.

The New Zealand company’s new base in Sydney is overseeing not just current distributors, it will focus more comprehensively on all industries that install fence and barrier posts (in all dimensions and materials).

These industries include:

  • Agricultural, rural and farming
  • Rail and road sectors
  • Mining, quarrying and energy
  • Public works and councils (metropolitan and regional)
  • Construction and development
  • Under water and sewerage
  • Cattle and stock stations

Kinghitter says its reason for expanding direct national coverage is to increase awareness and knowledge of the competitive advantages gained from using its technologies. And with new arrangements allowing one-week transit from factory to most ports on the Australian eastern seaboard, wait-times are heavily reduced.

“Australia is a massive continent and just about every industry regularly installs post and barrier fences,” said Kinghitter CEO, Tony Panrucker.

“For every major Australian industry, fence construction is almost certainly going to be done on a very large scale and that calls for a strong, reliable mode of mechanisation to increase speed and safety of installation. Take the Alice Springs to Darwin railway where some 150km of fencing to shield the track had thousands of fence posts driven into the ground by a Kinghitter. This is just a single project, yet there are so many demands of this type in Australia we found it inevitable to gravitate closer to the markets which are served by our Kinghitter technologies.”

Kinghitter believes it is the only long term provider of post-driving technology on the Australian and local markets.
The brand says it not only has proven ability for long lifespan, it also means ongoing technological and practical enhancements are made to its models based strongly on user feedback on operating needs.

Currently, the company has four series of Kinghitters to cover as many requirements as possible.

“For example, a deer farmer has a different request to a sheep farmer, just as various departments of Australian railways or roads will have totally different requirements from one another,” said Panrucker. “The same can be said for each and every mine, construction site, public works project, Department of Defence installation, recreational reserve, or any other location that requires posts driven into the ground with decent force.

“The key value proposition from us is that, as a major supplier, we are on hand to meet any requirement; to customise all those little areas that make critical differences in performance for each application.”

The variables for fencing and post specialists are very diverse and rarely are two locations the same. Challenges could involve surface texture, slope, angle of operation, water courses, weather extremes, isolation, or just about any other challenge users can think of.

“Our commitment is to ensure that each and every industry, regardless of where it is located in Australia, doesn’t just receive a great piece of technology but also a commitment to the best and unrivalled after-sales backup they could possibly imagine,” said Fairbrother.