Five trademark enforcement court cases won

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, has won five unique court cases against five Russian companies during the last few months.

All five companies were found guilty of violating Hypertherm’s trademark rights by importing a variety of counterfeit consumables and Powermax air plasma systems. As a result of the judgement against them, the defendants are prohibited from importing any products in Russia with the Hypertherm name, and are also required to reimburse Hypertherm for damages and court fees.

Examples of protected Hypertherm trademarks include Hypertherm, Powermax, Hypertherm HPR, and ProNest. Hypertherm and its partners will continue efforts to protect the market from counterfeit products and to eliminate counterfeit goods.

“Hypertherm devotes an enormous amount of resources to the development and engineering of technologically advanced cutting systems and consumables,” said Theo Cornielje, Regional Director Hypertherm Europe B.V. “We decided to pursue these legal actions because we are concerned about our customers and their business. These counterfeit consumables do not include the advanced manufacturing characteristics of genuine Hypertherm consumables and do not perform as well or last as long. As a result, our customers are paying more for an inferior product. We are pleased to see that our efforts are recognised by the legal system.”

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