Gallagher introduces tool and die to contract manufacturing business unit

Tooling company Sunplas will now be known as Gallagher following an amalgamation of the Waikato based businesses.
Sunplas has operated out of Gallagher’s Hamilton manufacturing site for more than 20 years and project manages the design and manufacture of plastic injection moulds and pressure die casting moulds, primarily for the group’s business units of security, animal management and fuel systems.  
As one element of Gallagher’s contract manufacturing capabilities, potential growth is envisaged through an established external customer base in the automotive, medical and animal health industries.
Engineering manager, Mathew Bell says the existing relationships with other Gallagher business units will be a major advantage to pursuing this new business.
“Because we’re based on site and in close proximity to other departments we can facilitate a concurrent manufacturing programme.  We have a flexible and open partnership with R&D and project managers and that encourages early consultation into product design.  We’re often involved from the business case level of a product’s development cycle.”
10 staff are employed fulltime within the tooling division with skills built around computer applied design and machining: CAD  & CAM.