New Olympus MD sets focus on customers

The recently appointed Managing Director of Olympus Australia and New Zealand, James Bowe, has set his sights on making the company a leading force in delivering value above and beyond its products.

“It is no longer enough to say we have the best product specifications and highest performance,” Bowe said. “Customer service, on-site support, education, training, preventative maintenance and communication are key and it’s my goal to make Olympus the market leader in these areas.”

With a 19 year history at Olympus Australia and New Zealand, Bowe has been instrumental in transforming the company from a locally run distributor to a direct-to-market subsidiary of the international Olympus Corporation. There are now more than 330 employees and a heavy investment in local infrastructure—with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. Each office is staffed by teams of sales, service and support personnel ready to fulfil Bowe’s vision.

Olympus has achieved double-digit annual growth in the region over the past five years. According to Bowe, relationships with customers and the benefits which Olympus adds to their businesses are the biggest drivers of this success. He will continue to invest in these relationships during his time as Managing Director.