Not everything goes this seamlessly
Not everything goes this seamlessly

In a year where, globally, not everything is going smoothly, it’s nice to know that at least you can rely on Dyno Conveyors to get everything from A to B seamlessly.

The company is also ramping up the game when it comes to keeping you up to date. You can look forward to a new website, going live in the next couple of months. 

Scott McLean, Dyno Conveyors’ Sales Manager, says it’s appropriate, as the company has new product ranges and services, including Dyno Care. 

“Updating our website is not just change for the sake of it – it’s a way to deliver more information, and value, to both our current and potential clients. There are a lot of exciting challenges out there in the market, and we’re determined to meet or anticipate them, wherever we can.” It will also be optimised for Smartphones and iPads.

Scott says, as always, Dyno Conveyors appreciates feedback and chances to showcase projects. So, if you have a job we’ve worked on that you’d like us to feature, please just email us, or give us a call. We’d be happy to hear from you and it’s a great way to help profile your company too.

Already, there’s one, very exciting, major, new project on the horizon, which we’re hoping to feature soon. Keep an eye out for it.

Right now, Dyno Conveyors are already gearing up for the SouthMACH Trade Show 24-25th May at Horncastle Arena, Christchurch. 

This is the Mainland’s premier technology trade show and, if you haven’t already thought about it – get onto it, it’ll be worth your while. The show caters for engineers, technical operators, and operations managers and helps keep you on your toes and up-to-date with what’s out there.

And, of course there’s the chance to win fantastic prizes when you visit the Dyno Conveyors site!    


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