Robotic Palletizing

Have you ever thought how a Robotic palletizer could significantly increase your production efficiency and provide substantial cost savings year on year?

Aurora’s FUJI range of Robotic Palletizing systems are attracting a significant volume of interest from companies throughout New Zealand who are looking to take the initiative in increasingly competitive market places.

With the Fuji range of Robotic Palletizers Aurora can offer its clients the variety of high capacity, economical solutions to handling bags and boxes on their production lines. A FUJI Robotic Palletizing system recently installed for one of Aurora’s clients is proving its worth.

"The palletizer is more efficient than previously; we’re now operating two more tonne an hour than before” says the managing director at the plant.

Quick and efficient installation coupled with finding just the right solution for the project is the key to success for a partnership and the managing director says Aurora's skills, experience and promptness make them a first-rate provider. "We have worked with them before, they are trustworthy and they do what they say they will," he says.

As a specifically designed palletizing robot the Fuji-Ace system provides many benefits over conventional robotic arm alternatives. The Fuji-Ace Palletizer reduces space and power requirements, provides the highest capacity cycle available, and is easily programmed and adjusted from the specific palletizing controller, removing the previously time-consuming task of programming the robot. Up to 30 stacking patterns can be simply programmed into the robots memory.

In addition to installation and commissioning capability, Aurora provides full automation and pallet transfer systems specified to suit a large range of production environments.

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