Single global brand drives company name change

Gallagher Group’s decision to deliver a single global identity has resulted in a company name change for prominent local business, PEC Fuel Pumps. One of New Zealand’s most successful privately owned companies, Gallagher is a global leader in the innovation and marketing of technology solutions for animal management, security and fuel systems. But increasing opportunities in the global security market with major technology developments are driving the repositioning of its future business strategy and brand identity. Now, the Hamilton based company with over 1000 staff worldwide has aligned all business units and market products under one name, Gallagher, including PEC Fuels Pumps who will be known as Gallagher Fuel Systems.

Managing Director, Richard Coxon, says for market consistency Gallagher had to move away from the many brands in its stable. “We were divisionally structured with Security Management Systems, Animal Management and PEC Fuel Pumps and each division marketed various product brands. It encouraged individuality between divisions and sub-cultures within our organisation. Most importantly our customers were confused about who we are and what we stand for.”|

He says while the company formerly known as PEC Fuel Pumps is officially registered as Gallagher Fuel Systems it will market itself as Gallagher in line with other business units of the privately owned business. “Gallagher is positioning itself as a global technology brand offering solutions in animal management, integrated access and perimeter security and fuel systems. We’re also expanding our capabilities within manufacturing including electronics, plastics processing and tool and die making which is where we see opportunities for the local facility.” He says introducing a single brand enables each business unit to enhance the other’s message instead of diluting it. “This meets a key business objective to develop a global technology company that will redefine its position in the various industries. This is a natural progression of an existing partnership and will create innovative opportunities for our facility especially with the expansion of the contract manufacturing’s capabilities and profile.”