When it’s good to be in the red

By Tom Aldridge.

Thermal imaging is perhaps the fastest growing technology for electrical, mechanical and building diagnostics. Focusing on mechanical & electrical applications, this technology provides a fast and effective method of screening electrical panels, bearings, and motors etc. for potential failures, and therefore a “must have tool”, especially when applied to a predictive maintenance plan.

Purchasing a camera can be a scary proposition for many. The latest range of cameras available in the market place vary greatly in price, features, configurations, auto focus, manual focus, interchangeable lens, temperature ranges, expressions such as point and shoot, the list goes on. Eurotec believe that to be able to advise and sell the appropriate thermal imaging cameras suitable for the application, our staff had to become competent in this field. We called upon the services of Wayne Ruddock, Director of Advanced Infrared Resources and our team participated in the Level One Thermography course. Prospective customers feel confident they have been advised correctly, and appreciate that Eurotec not only sells the technology but also fully backs it up starting with a free two-hour training session from a Eurotec qualified thermographer anywhere in New Zealand.

The training we received from Wayne was so comprehensive and easy to follow Eurotec decided it was too good not to share with the rest of New Zealand. Eurotec has been hosting the courses at their Penrose Head Office for two years now and these are proving a resounding success. The 5-Day Level One Thermal Imaging Certification courses cost only $1950+GST per attendee and includes lunches, morning and afternoon teas. (Registration for the next course(s) in October is underway and application forms are available for download from the Eurotec website).

Wayne has been involved in Infrared Thermography and Infrared Thermographic Training since 1978 and has been conducting Level 1 and Level 2 training courses throughout the world since 1980. He was the Level 3 thermographer and North American Director of training for an established infrared company from 1990 – 1999, at which time he became the director of Advanced Infrared Resources. Mr Ruddock is also currently the Chairman of the Mexican Institute of Infrared Thermography and involved in the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Infrared Thermography.

In addition to the Eurotec range of Testo thermal imaging cameras, other products also include in-line single point pyrometers, high speed process thermal imaging cameras from leading manufacturers DIAS and Optris. Another popular Eurotec product is IRT Cronista by Grayess Infrared Software & Solutions, an independent reporting and analysis software tool that will help users create the perfect report regardless of what camera they own. The software gives uses the flexibility to use whatever camera they like or prefer without being locked into specific software.

For more products and certification course details, visit www.eurotec.co.nz or contact Tom Aldridge Ph: 09 526 7557, Mob: 021 401 999 email TAldridge@eurotec.co.nz