Alemlube opens New Zealand branch

ALEMLUBE (New Zealand) Limited is now open and ready to supply cost-effective lubrication equipment solutions to companies operating in New Zealand’s industrial, agricultural, mining, automotive and transport sectors.
Located in Albany in Auckland, the newly established Alemlube office/warehouse facility is easily accessible to transport with late in the day pick-ups guaranteed.
Peter Murrie, formerly of the Alemlube Queensland/Papua New Guinea branch, heads up the New Zealand team with prompt, professional and informed service – the cornerstone of the New Zealand branch’s business ethos.
“During his five years at Alemlube in Brisbane, Peter initially was a part of our Customer Service team and for the past two years has been our South East Queensland business development manager,” says Alemlube’s sales and marketing manager Mark Williamson.
“Whilst we have a lot to learn about the market in New Zealand we believe that the many lessons learned during the 40 years in business in Australia will hold us in good stead to succeed in New Zealand.
“The Alemlube (formerly Alemite Lubrequip) brand is well known in New Zealand. Our products have a well-earned reputation for quality and, most importantly, we believe that we can make a worthwhile and notable contribution to New Zealand industry by supplying reliable, cost effective lubrication equipment solutions, well supported by a comprehensive after sales service package.”
“Alemlube acknowledges the work done by our former New Zealand distributor, but the only way that we can achieve the product and market focus we’re looking for, gain access to all of the market sectors in which we operate in Australia, make our full range available, provide the level of sales and technical support that distributors and end users require and get our products to market as cost effectively as possible, was to set up an Alemlube branch operated and managed by our own team,” says Peter Murrie.
Representing many leading European and US lubrication equipment manufacturers – including Alemite, Samoa, Piusi, Kingfisher, Adams LubeTech, Baier and Koppel, Flenco, Jonesco and Ravaglioli – Alemlube continually strives to research and introduce new products to the market. The Alemlube product range includes:
•  Lubrication systems.
•  Grease guns and grease gun accessories.
•  Single point greasers, oilers and lubricators.
•  20kg, 55kg and 180kg grease kits.
•  Grease nipples and grease nipple assortment kits.
•  Air operated and electric drive oil pumps.
•  In-line and end-of-line oil meters.
•  Diesel fuel storage and dispensing kits.
•  Diesel fuel transfer drum and tank pumps.
•  Fuel meters and nozzles.
•  Spring, manual, electric and pneumatic rewind hose reels.
• Tank level monitoring systems.
•  Spill containment equipment.
•  Waste oil handling equipment.
•  Air operated diaphragm pumps.
•  Vehicle hoists and tyre changers.
•  Wheel balancers and aligners.
•  Drum handling and storage equipment.
“One of the pluses with Alemlube is our two-tier quality and pricing offer,” says Peter. “In the vast majority of cases we have a quality product available for end users whose focus is minimising plant and equipment downtime, maintenance costs and machinery failure.  But we also have lower cost options available for seasonal or intermittent use.”

Alemlube’s focus is very much on quality equipment and the full two year warranty on the vast majority of their products reconfirms their distributors’ and end users’ confidence in the brand and the product.
It would appear that if Alemlube can provide the same products and same sales, technical and after sales support in New Zealand as they do in Australia, then the New Zealand branch will succeed, and their contribution to local industry will be both notable and worthwhile.
For further information on the Alemlube range of products and services and how to come on line as a distributor and be part of the Alemlube action, visit the Alemlube website on 

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