Aluminium air system saves time and energy

A NEW aluminium compressed air system from Infinity is promising big energy savings from a system that’s as easy to put together as children’s building blocks.
The heart of the system is corrosion-free, lightweight aluminium pipes – a big technological leap forward from outdated galvanized steel, expensive copper and the limitations of plastic.
Infinity aluminium piping’s smooth, corrosion-free bore guarantees a high flow of air to a maximum working pressure of 15 bar. Because it reduces friction and turbulence it allows you to run your compressors at a lower pressure. And by running your compressors at lower pressures you’re saving energy, which is good for the environment, and very good for your bottom line.  Your compressors will last longer and require less servicing when they’re given an easier life.
Forget about welding copper pipes, threading galvanised steel or screwing together plastic pipes – the Infinity push-in fitting system is as simple as pushing them together.
With no welding, gluing or crimping, the system goes up fast. And because the aluminium pipes are inherently stronger and stiffer than plastic pipes, you save even more time because they only require half the mounting brackets. 
Aluminium expands at one-fifth the rate of plastic, so Infinity systems require far less expansion points. The strength of aluminium means the pipe walls can be kept thinner, allowing you to achieve the same flow-rate with a smaller diameter pipe, giving you another cost saving.
Infinity offers a full range of sizes to suit every application. It’s a total systems approach with tubes ranging from 20mm to 110mm. There’s also a comprehensive range of adapters and connectors for every possible application – designed specifically for compressed air.
Infinity air piping is fast gaining market dominance around the world with installations in large manufacturing plants such as Coca-Cola and dairy giant Fonterra.
For more information or an obligation free quote, contact Industrial Air Systems.

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Industrial Air Systems
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