Breakthrough green cleaning technology
TENNANT ec-H2O is a technology that electrically converts plain tap water to perform like a powerful detergent, without any added chemicals. The ec-H2O system is incorporated on a number of Tennant scrubbers including the T3, T5, T5e, 5680 and 5700 walk-behind scrubbers as well as the T7 and T15 ride-on scrubbers.
The system consists of a special ec-H2O unit that is installed on the floor scrubber. Within the unit, two primary steps transform normal tap water into a powerful cleaning solution. In the first step, water passes through electrified screens in the oxygenation chamber, creating highly oxygenated micro bubbles. In the second step, the oxygenated water is sent through a water cell where an electric current is applied. Flowing out of the water cell is highly charged, acidic and alkaline water with all the attributes of a powerful cleaner. In this activated state, ec-H2O is an effective cleaning agent that poses no harm to the surfaces or finishes it cleans, the people using the technology or to the environment.
ec-H2O uses 70 percent less water than conventional scrubbing methods and eliminates the need for detergent for the scrubber. The benefit to the environment is huge – the entire process of producing, packaging, transporting, using and disposing of traditional cleaning chemicals is avoided.
ec-H2O uses only plain tap water so what is left in the recovery tank after scrubbing is just plain water and dirt. 100 percent of the electrically-activated water reverts to neutral tap water and can be handled and disposed of safely.
The system is ‘High Traction Certified’ by the US National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents – it does not leave a slippery detergent residue on the floor. ec-H2O works most effectively in applications where the floor is non-porous and is most suitable for non-petroleum based soils. It essentially replaces the need for detergent in suitable applications.
Tennant ec-H2O has also received a number of awards worldwide, including the Innovation Award at Clean NZ 2009.•


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