Breath testing in the workplace

ALCOHOL is a major part of peoples lifestyle  whether drinking and socialising for pleasure or on behalf of the company, awareness of its impact on a persons ability to drive and/or perform duties as an employee can be difficult to measure.

After a big night out it can take up to ten hours for BAC levels to return to zero!

Formal alcohol policies can be put in place to ensure employees blood alcohol levels remain within acceptable limits while on the job. These policies can assist employers to meet their required duty of care to all staff.

Draeger Safety Pacific offers breath testing equipment for all applications  from personal testers to workplace screeners. 

In addition there are breathalysers that can be fitted to vehicles and equipment requiring breath test prior to their operation.


Personal breathalysers

The supply of personal breathalysers may be a non-threatening way to introduce a drug and alcohol policy to a workplace. 

Alcotest tubes are disposable, single use tubes that offer a low cost way to check a BAC level. Calibrated to 0.05 percent BAC  an internal colour change signifies if you are close to this limit.

Alcotest tubes come in packs of 10 tubes or a single tube. A bag that can hold one litre of air is attached to one end of the tube, while you blow into the other. By inflating the bag with one breath you are supplying deep lung air and ensuring a representative sample is collected. 


Equipment and vehicle interlock

The Drger Interlock XT can be installed in any vehicle or key-lock system such as a gate or doorway. Pre-set parameters can be defined by the customer. 

Pre-determined BAC levels, anti-circumvention controls, lock out penalties and choice of random retests ensure costly vehicles are protected from employees who drive when they shouldnt.

Event logs hold over 30,000 events and may be downloaded to offer records for employee behaviour thus demonstrating compliance to company alcohol policies.


Handheld breathalysers

The Alcotest 6510 is an easy to use automatic sampling breathalyser. 

All measurement functions are controlled via a single key. This is a non-data logging device for application when results need viewing only on the screen at the time of test. User defined parameter setup includes blow criteria for fixed volume or end of breath sampling, and manual or passive modes through password protected menu.

Mouthpieces can be applied with right or left hand orientation, and the Alcotest 6510 is Australian Standards approved to AS 3547.

The Alcotest 6810 has all the functions of the 6510 with addition of a real time clock. This enables data logging and recall of 250 test results with date and time stamp. Data can be downloaded to a PC for records and statistical evaluation. Alternatively the optical interface can transfer data to a printer for immediate printing.


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