Clean air improves productivity

AIRBORNE pollution from gases, fumes and dust is a serious problem affecting the working environment. Many companies have come to rely on AtSource Extraction Systems over traditional ventilation systems because of the greater benefits they provide. These benefits include increased productivity from employees, decreased maintenance in the workplace, and decreased absenteeism (which is directly related to increased health).

Discover how a ventilation system that removes gases and fumes from the source can benefit your workplace.

Business owners are constantly striving to increase staff efficiency and output and its a well-known fact that healthy environments can provide greater efficiency. In the manufacturing sector staff will work more efficiently if there are no harmful fumes rising past their face to exit through a traditional ventilation system. AtSource Extraction Systems and PlymoVent exit the fumes directly from the source (for example, welding and soldering areas) reducing the fumes in the air. This increases productivity by raising energy levels and allowing staff to focus more efficiently on their tasks.


Less maintenance, better health

Installing PlymoVent can dramatically decrease the amount of time and money you need to spend on cleaning your work environment. Bill Ellis, chief fire officer for the Waitakere City Fire District says, Before we had PlymoVent in our fire station, we were continually cleaning the walls of the engine room and adjoining areas. Now that we have a PlymoVent system installed, we only require normal cleaning.

Staff will enjoy better health due to fewer fumes. Breathing clean air means fewer headaches and a lower susceptibility to heart problems, shortness of breath and even cancer. Medical research has shown that long term health problems like cancer have been related back to a lack of fume extraction. Installing PlymoVent to remove these fumes directly from the source will enable your team to breathe easier and live longer.

We all know how expensive absenteeism can be to a business. However providing a healthier workplace can reduce this. With a PlymoVent extraction system, your workers are healthier and have more energy. Lloyd Wilson, operations manager of Capital Racking Systems Limited reports, The PlymoVent extraction system installed has been very effective in the removal of fumes, and all the operators are impressed with the ease of use. The direct effect has been a drop in absenteeism.

AtSource creates a clean air environment that can increase productivity and reduce costs in any workplace. DEMM readers are invited to take advantage of a free no obligation demonstration at your workshop. Well demonstrate how any one of our systems can effectively rid your environment of poisonous fumes, gases and dust. Return the reader enquiry card for more information.


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