Duct & Flex delivers full JKF range
EXPECT to be ‘blown away’ by the range and quality of the dust filters and fans they’re introducing to the market – that’s the word from New Zealand Duct & Flex.
The Duct and Flex range are manufactured in Denmark and Germany respectively and have been sold here for more than 25 years (previously under the Speedlock brand).
The galvanised, steel and stainless Duct products are manufactured by Danish company JKF Industri, which has more than 50 percent of the European dust control market. While Duct is an important part of its range, the bulk of the turnover worldwide derives from filters and fans. New Zealand Duct & Flex is now introducing the full JKF range to New Zealand.
Modular Ducting is already installed in thousands of factories and workshops country wide.
“It’s a natural next step to offer the rest of the product range to our diverse customer base,”
says Geoff Ebdon, MD of New Zealand Duct & Flex.
“We are able to take advantage of the 50-plus years of quality controlled production experience that the Danes offer. JKF Industri has engineering back up and R&D that we could never hope to offer as a standalone New Zealand business. Being local though, means we can make a decision and react, without having to go back to head offices in Australia or wherever.”  
The filters being introduced here have been proven in Europe and the rest of the world for (in some cases) decades. “We are simply selecting product from an existing range and targeting those proven filter and fan combinations that will suit our predominantly smaller manufacturing market,” says Ebdon. “As with our Duct and Flex, we will keep some units ‘on the shelf’, starting with the smaller models. We plan to increase the stock holding as the business and demand grow.”
The JKF filter range includes:
• Modular type baghouse filters – available as ‘Standard’ or with ‘Reverse Air Cleaning’ which offers a price competitive, long bag life, efficient unit, ideal for small joinerys and schools.
• DustStorm – six models varying on the number of filter elements contained. Designed for environmental and air filtration applications – such as welding fumes, plastic dust, paper dust, sandblasting, powder coating, laser cutting and plasma cutting
• Larger installations – For larger companies NZDF offers a fixed cost, uniquely designed and installed system, fully performance warranted by JKF Industri.
JFK Industri fans are also manufactured in Denmark. There is a range of ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ drive material handling fans, special fans for long distance material handling and, of course, clean air fans.
Backing up the installation of the filters and fans is New Zealand Duct & Flex’s unmatched ability to supply ‘off the shelf’ all the Duct, Flex and fittings necessary. Despite the extensive planning that goes into a refit or new installation, there are always changes made during the actual installation. Customers can call before 4pm, order new items and be 99.99 percent sure the parts will be with them the next day.











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