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CONFUSED by the plethoria of regulations around the world for motor efficiencies for different countries? The answer for iPhone users is the free app from SEW-Eurodrive, available now from the iTunes App Store.
SEW-Eurodrive is the first to provide an app in the field of electrical drive technology. The app helps find answers on questions as to what energy efficiency class will become mandatory when and in what country.

IE Guide
Use the IE Guide to obtain information on the new global energy efficiency regulations for energy-efficient motors quickly and easily. This is yet another feature of the extensive range of services from SEW-Eurodrive.
The IEC 60034-30 standard specifies the efficiency classes for low-voltage AC motors and standardizes the previously different local regulations. The minimum efficiency classes of the IEC 60034-30 standard were defined for the following motors:
• 3 phase low-voltage motors with a line frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz.
• 2, 4 and 6 pole motors.
• Power range 0.75 to 375kW.
• Line voltage up to 1000V.
• S1 duty cycles
(continuous load).
 The standard specifies four efficiency classes
(IE = International Efficiency):
• IE4 = Super Premium Efficiency
• IE3 = Premium Efficiency
• IE2 = High Efficiency
• IE1 = Standard Efficiency
With the energy efficient motor of the modular DR motor system (DRE = IE2, DRP = IE3) as well as the mechatronic drive system Movigear (IE4), SEW-Eurodrive provides an extensive range of products to meet these energy efficiency regulations.



SEW Diagnostics
Your frequency inverter from SEW-Eurodrive (Movitrac B, Movidrive B or Movimot) signals an error and you need quick support in diagnosing the problem? For iPhone users, this app supports you quickly and easily in determining the possible reasons for the error at any time and any location. All you have to do is enter the displayed error code to the controller type and quickly get a list of possible causes with matching solutions. Save time looking for the missing Operating Instruction Manual, which is never where you think it should be.
 Download the free app from the iTunes App Store today.


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