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METALCRAFT has long been a name synonymous with roll forming and die pressing in New Zealand industry. You’ll find the Metalcraft brand on manufactured products the length and breadth of the country.
The brand’s origins date back to the 1950s, when Metalcraft Industries Ltd was established in Palmerston North. The company in those days imported metal coils and formed numerous roofing dies utilising break press engineering before the arrival of roll forming machinery. Metalcraft was the name associated with hot water cylinders, urinals, sinks, benches and Esi-Clean traps, plus hundreds of other die pressed products.
Today the company is called Steel Building Products (Southern) Ltd, trading as Metalcraft Roofing – but its influence within markets is still just as impressive as ever.
Metalcraft has grown to become New Zealand’s largest privately owned building product roll former and installer with 12 branches nationwide, with its reputation backed by solid manufacturing and installation warranties. The press shop in Palmerston North continues to turn out quality items such as the Esi-Clean traps – and has extended its output into products as diverse as smokers, kitchen bowls, and hospitality and viticulture accessories – even garden art.
Metalcraft is licensed to use Standard Certification Marks and produce patented items – and no manufacturing project is too big or too small. The press shop houses four press machines and various dies for different bowl, cutting, trimming and punching operations. It’s capable of drawing to a depth of 600mm, diameters up to 600mm and a rectangle as large as 700mm by 1000mm.
Do you have a complex folding job? The break press operator can fold just about anything – from specialist rainwater heads to window flashings. Power folding capability (depending on length verses thickness) is up to 8.8 metres long, and up to six millimetres thick.
There is also TIG and MIG welding and polishing expertise in-house.
What makes Metalcraft’s service so unique is its flexibility – it really is a one stop shop. Metalcraft has the ability to form 3D products from a wide range of metals. Its multiple power presses are capable of a 100 ton working force with variable stroke. And there’s the ability to manufacture all press work in any number of quantities.
Metalcraft will continue to develop even greater capability – both in volume and range – in years to come. It’s a company that takes the initiative when it comes to design and engineering – enabling the manufacture of a truly comprehensive range of products, all at competitive prices.

Enquiries: Marcus Poor
  Metalcraft Roofing
  Ph 06 358 9149



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