Optimum control for smaller air systems

THE Sigma Air Manager basic from Kaeser Compressors provides users of smaller compressed air systems with a comprehensive, yet an affordable entry into the world of advanced compressed air management.

Modern compressed air systems demand reliability, availability and efficiency to ensure production of compressed air in the correct quantity and quality. Few businesses today obtain their compressed air from just a single compressor  systems comprising multiple compressors and air treatment units are far more common. Perfect coordination between each of the units is therefore essential to ensure maximum energy savings.

However, efficient component coordination cannot be implemented with simple switching devices or conventional base load sequencers. Instead, the power and flexibility of a modern computer system is required to be able to transform a collection of separate compressed air components into a fully integrated and efficient compressed air system.

The Sigma Air Manager basic provides all the advantages that modern compressed air system management has to offer. It can coordinate control of compressed air systems comprising up to four compressors and uses its energy saving pressure band control to reduce their working pressure. This not only leads to significant cost reductions, but reduces the associated air losses caused by leaks within the air distribution network.

The Sigma Air Manager basic carefully monitors all system functions and the service intervals of every unit within the compressed air installation. And it is able to control compressors with modern, computer-based internal controllers, such as Kaesers Sigma Intelligent trend recognition system which ensures consistent operating pressure.

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