R&D lead to cost savings for all

Advance Boiler Services has been working to develop innovative ways to reduce fuel costs and improve the overall operational efficiency of boiler systems. Feed water economisers, for heat recovery, is a proven technology for reducing boiler fuel consumption.
With grants available from EECA this has allowed small to medium sized boiler owners the opportunity to reduce their plants carbon footprint as well as enabling the waste heat to produce a profitable energy source.
A heat recovery unit has been proposed to one of its clients, a food processing company, to extract the heat energy out of the flue gasses emitted by the boilers.
Advance Boiler Services has worked on a project to design small fin tube heat exchangers for extracting heat energy from flue gases of 2 X 0.9 MW boilers. Theoretical heat and mass transfer calculations were done for predicting rates of heat transfer between water and the flue gasses.
The heat exchangers of 53kWs were designed to heat the water in a 60,000L tank by circulating it through heat exchangers and saving the need for direct steam input for steam injection, reducing fuel consumption to produce the extra heat load. It has been working to standardise the heat exchanger size to minimise the capital cost and payback time for other clients.
Some actions offer immediate savings and other associated benefits while others involve an upfront cost that can be recovered within a few months or years. The main aim of their research was to:

•    Reduce the amount of energy required to produce hourly steam usage

•    Reduce the amount of pure steam being lost in production

•    Reduce the make-up water requirements

•    Reduce the amount of chemicals required

Reduce the overall CO & CO2 emissions from the boilers
Advance Boiler Services (NZ) diversified from servicing boilers to also include the manufacture of heat exchangers in 2003 as a continuation to improving the efficiency of their clients’ plants.
To date it has supplied heat exchangers to the timber, oil & gas industries, various heat exchangers including for milk powder processing for the dairy industry and air heaters for the food industry in both NZ & Australia.

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