RX chemical tanks tick all compliance boxes

 THINK water reticulation products, water storage tanks and effluent disposal systems, and you’ll probably also think of RX Plastics.

The 36 year old company was privately owned by Hank and Kate Murney and Gavin Douglas up until 2008 and has a history of product and market innovation which has been a major factor in its rapid growth – growing from 30 staff and just one factory to 180-plus staff and three factories in a ten year period.

In 2007 RX Plastics was awarded the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce Champion Award in the Producer/Manufacture category.

RX Plastics has four divisions: Injection Moulding, PE Pipe Extrusion, PVC Pipe Extrusion and Rotational Moulding. It is the only rotational moulding company in New Zealand to have gained AS/NZS4766 Certification for its range of water tanks.

In 2004 RX Plastics acquired the Rotomoulding Division of Skellerup and added it to the already successful RX Rotomoulding operation in both Islands. With this acquisition RX was able to add Industrial Products to its range, gaining opportunities into new markets by supplying many storage and containment solutions. Those markets include dangerous goods, safety, meat processing, fishing and pet food.

Custom moulding has also become a substantial part of the rotomoulding success story for RX Plastics. Silos, fuel storage, spas, rural feed spreaders, dairy hot water tubs and bio-diesel tanks are just some of the products from this part of the business.

In April 2008 RX Plastics was sold to Aliaxis – the holding company for an international group of businesses primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of plastic pipe systems and related building and sanitary products.

RX Plastics continued to trade under the RX brand with the same management and staff.

Certified containment for chemicals

A goal of RX Plastics Rotomoulding Division was to develop and deliver to market an affordable Stationary Bulk Storage Containment system for chemicals. In 2005 it embarked on gaining certification for its full range of rotomoulded chemical tanks. This was prompted largely by industry demand and the HSNO Act, which had come into force.

There was no code of practice (COP) for rotationally moulded chemical tanks, so RX set out to write one with the help of local and international experts. International Standards based on the US model were originally adopted and adapted by New Zealand. The COP took three years to achieve with the co-operation and support of ERMA, PE material suppliers, designers, engineers, chemical suppliers, installers, industry users and several test certifiers. Each of these organizations and professions, along with several key RX staff, has played a significant role in achieving the COP.

RX Plastics gained approval from ERMA of Code of Practice (HSNOCOP12) for Rotationally Moulded PE Tanks to AS/NZS4766 for non-hazardous substances in December 2007. The next step was to meet HSNO Requirements Schedule 8 for Rotationally Moulded PE Tanks for the use of Hazardous Substances (Dangerous Goods and Scheduled Toxic Substances). To achieve this RX Plastics contracted the services of an independent certified professional engineer. The process was very thorough and included design and FEA testing. All procedures were audited by an ERMA-accredited test certifier and signed off.

Certification was achieved in December 2008. All chemical tanks (500 litres to 10,000 litres) are certified and passed for both 1.5 and 2.0 SG. The 25,000 litre tank is certified for 1.5 SG only.

RX Plastics has partnered with several companies, engineers, installers and suppliers who supply seismic restraints and a comprehensive range of fittings which comply with chemical tank installation.

The rotationally moulded chemical tanks all feature seamless, robust, one piece construction; full UV stabilization; are suitable for classes 5, 6, 8 and 9 Hazardous Substances (refer to manufactures specs); and have a ten year service life.

All fittings are welded into the tank shell and fully gusseted. Sized up to 50mm, they come in a variety of configurations (male, female and flanged) and suit new and existing pipework installations. 

RX Plastics’ head office and two manufacturing plants are located in Ashburton with a third manufacturing plant in Hamilton – allowing for national distribution.

To find out if RX chemical tanks are suitable for your application, return the reader enquiry card and RX Plastics will guide you through the steps of meeting the requirements of HSNO regulations for chemical storage.  











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