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Second generation industrial DIN rail DC power solution
Second generation industrial DIN rail DC power solution

The slim economical DIN rail power supplies NDR-75/120 from Mean Well have received outstanding feedback since they were released to the market in 2014, reports the company. In order to further fulfil the demands for higher output wattage from the industrial control field, Mean Well has extended the power up, launching NDR-240(240W)/480(480W) series. These two series feature the low width of the power body, 63mm and 85.5mm, respectively, which resolves the issue of the limited space on the rail for system designers. Furthermore, compared to the previous generation DRP-240/480 series, the volume of NDR-240/480 is lowered by 43 percent and 51.6 percent, respectively, so they will be the best choices for terminal cabinets with limited internal rail spacing. Suitable applications include industrial control system, semiconductor fabrication equipment, factory automation, electro-mechanical apparatus, etc. 

The TDR series, much like the NDR series, is a new and improved model of an old and trusted model: DRT. The 3-phase DIN rail power supply TDR is at least half the physical size of the DRT series, accounting for less cost of materials, and saving cabinet space.  Adhering to EN61000-6-2(EN50082-2) industrial immunity level with a high efficiency of 94.5 percent and current sharing ability of up to 3840W, TDR will suit all power needs, says Wellforce. 

Why should you choose Mean Well DIN Rail power supplies? Three key reasons: brand quality and reliability, local supplier for fast delivery, and experienced NZ-based support team. Wellforces says it has the complete range of DIN rail power solutions including 10W~960W full range power supplies, DC UPS module / redundancy module, and backup power supplies. 

Wellforces Limited is the official distributor of Mean Well in New Zealand. Wellforces stocks over 80,000 units as standard stock in Auckland, with over 7000 standard product models. With fast delivery guarantee of same day order dispatch, most orders can be received overnight, promises the company. The team at Wellforces aims to provide efficient solutions to power needs, and after sales support adds the benefit of project security. 


See Wellforces’ new website for more details
or Ph: 09 447 1351. 

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