Servo Motor Innovation

AS AUTOMATION engineering is subject to exacting demands and a fast pace of development, servo specialists not only have to provide powerful servo drives and the accompanying control technology, they also have to supply a motor system that can convert the fast torque rise times, high cycle rates and precision of the whole system into movement.

The new synchronous CMP servomotors from SEW-Eurodrive are very compact. Despite these small dimensions, but also because of them, the series offers a number of advantages and represents state-of-the art motor technology designed to meet, even surpass, the demands of machine and system designers.

The latest winding and magnet technology and a high degree of development expertise help make this series a market-driven servomotor product range with excellent dimensions. Designed to suit the servo product portfolio of SEW, the result is a strong, economic range of options for implementing all types of machines and systems.

The DFS/CFM servomotor series from SEW-Eurodrive has been extended to include the CMP servomotors. Static torques from 0.5 Nm to 7.1 Nm are available with three CMP motor sizes and eight motor size steps. The overload capacity of all the motors is guaranteed for short periods with at least four times the static torque.

The CMP motors can be used stand-alone or as geared servomotors with direct gear unit mounting. The direct mounting option for the servo gear unit emphasizes the dynamics of the whole drive.

New development and production technology is used to manufacture these motors to ensure they are as compact as possible and to create an optimum magnetic flux between the stator and rotor. In this way, the cogging torque is negligible and the overload capacity of the motors is increased to a maximum. The smooth running properties are high quality right down to the minimum speeds. For the direct drive technology, the motor has been developed with a bearing service life of up to 25,000 hours with correspondingly high overhung loads.

Optimum heat dissipation from the stator and UL-capability of the motor series are both achieved using special stator casting technology. Additionally, this stator casting protects the motor against moisture and vibrations.

The CMP motors come standard with low-inertia resolvers. Hiperface encoders in single or multi-turn design can be installed on request. They are supplied with an electronic nameplate so that startup can be performed in next to no time using SEW’s Movidrive servo controllers.

The motors can also be supplied as brake servomotors. A 24V spring-loaded holding brake ensures the drive stops safely when de-energized with at least 110 percent braking torque based on the static torque of the individual servomotors. The brake includes emergency stop features.

Motor sizes CMP50 and CMP63 can also be equipped with an axial forced cooling fan, enabling the static torque to be increased further to achieve a factor of 1.4.

Full motor protection is achieved by means of a KTY sensor (linear temperature sensor). In combination with Movidrive servo controllers and their thermal motor protection functionality, the servomotor can be operated safely at its power limit.

The CMP servo motor range is now available from stock offering more torque with fast acceleration and high accuracy and control.


The new servomotors are fully in trend as far as dimensions are concerned. The flanges of the three motor sizes are available in 55mm, 73mm and 88mm. The hole circle diameters are prepared in the same sequence as 63mm, 75mm and 100mm. The shaft ends are market standard with 9x20mm, 11x23mm and 14x30mm.

The standard screw inlets as assembly guides on the motor flange of the stand-alone motor, in combination with the rotatable connector system, offer the user maximum convenience during assembly. This feature is underlined further by the low weight of the motor.

CMP40, CMP50 and CMP63 servomotors can be mounted directly with servo planetary gear units (PSx) and servo right-angle gear units (BSx) from SEW-Eurodrive. The CMP with directly mounted servo planetary gear unit (PSx) therefore achieves a maximum drive torque of up to 3300 Nm and the motor/gear unit combination with BSx, a maximum drive torque of 1910 Nm.

There is no need for the adapter with coupling that is usually installed between the gear unit and motor, and the input pinions of the gear unit interlock onto the standard servomotor shafts with zero backlash. These features increase the safety of the machine considerably.

CMP servomotors offer a number of characteristics that are developed specifically to meet the requirements of machine and system designers. They are developed and produced at SEW-Eurodrive in Germany and available now ex stock.•

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