Sole agency for handheld coating test instruments

THE instrumentation for the certification of structures and coatings has become extremely important. Paint application companies need reassurance that surfaces have been prepared correctly for coating, the coating has been applied under correct conditions and that the coating has been correctly applied to the specified thickness. “Coatings perform a variety of important functions including protecting and beautifying outdoor structures and manufactured goods,” says David Beamish, general manager of DeFelsko Corporation. “Accurately measuring the thickness of these coatings helps maintain product quality and control production costs.” There are many instruments available in the DeFelsko instrumentation range, all manufactured in the US, which can offer certified reports to back up contractors’ work. The DeFelsko handheld range includes multiple options in electronic paint thickness gauges – available with a variety of probes and options for different applications and coatings. There are various models available, ranging from basic reading options through to gauges capable of storing multiple readings and averages that can be downloaded. The top model comes with the unique SSPC-PA2 feature, which determines if film thickness over a large area conforms to the user specified min/max readings. This is extremely useful in an inspection situation. DeFelsko also has magnetic gauges including pull-off gauges and roll-back dial gauges for applications where electronic gauges are not suitable. For determining wall thickness DeFelsko recommends its ultrasonic thickness gauges, and the unique UTG ME gauge measures the metal thickness of a painted structure without having to remove the coating! DeFelsko’s Positector 200 Series gauge measures the coating thickness on wood, concrete and plastic electronically and non-destructively. The Dew Point Meter gauge measures and records climatic parameters including relative humidity and air, surface, and dew point temperatures. This gauge is ideal for surface preparation as required by ISO 8502-4. New York-based DeFelsko has recently appointed Blastquip New Zealand as its sole New Zealand agent. Blastquip has sold this equipment for the past three years and all staff are fully trained in the application of all the instruments and will be able to assist you in purchasing the correct gauge for your needs. Blastquip stocks a large range of DeFelsko instruments and provides full service back up. It is committed to promoting a high level of quality control in New Zealand. • reader enquiries quote: D090228

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