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ECLIPSE Valves has released its latest range of non return valves (also known as check valves or one way valves).

It is a self cleaning seat design, with optional spring rate, and virtually any seat material (natural rubber to ceramic carbide) all incorporated into a MAWP of 6000 psi (410 Bar).

This new range of valves has enabled Eclipse to put another product into the very harsh CNG industry that many countries around the world are embracing.  

The demand for a high flow, robust and dependable valve was evident. A valve to complement the established range of ball valves used extensively offshore was required.

The Eclipse engineers set about to deliver a product that had the versatility and specifications to enable the valves to be used across an entire spectrum of industries.

These non return valves suit conditions that require a seal at zero pressure, handle opening/cracking pressure of two psi with the capability of handling a working pressure of 6000 psi and temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees Celsius to plus 180 degrees Celsius. Any media, flow, pressure or temperature can be catered for.

All this has been possible with testing equipment specific for the development of high performance valves. Eclipse has further enhanced its test facility, with the latest flow, pressure differential and even higher pressure test options. Soon to be completes is a new hydrostatic test unit capable of handling 55,000 psi (3700 bar).

Eclipse Valves’ facility is available for specialised pressure testing of any valve or vessel from 0.5 to 55,000 psi.

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