Top marks for Topcoat floorings

WHEN SG Equipment moved into its brand new showroom and warehouse in Takanini over Labour Weekend it moved into a building where a great deal of thought and planning had gone into the flooring systems.

Two companies originally quoted for the flooring contract, however financial controller Lornette Gordon says they eventually settled on Topcoat Specialist Coatings largely due to manager Mark Ambridge’s attention to detail. Topcoat was also able to show them other commercial flooring projects they had completed to help the decision making process.

"Mark consistently advised us throughout the whole process. He’s a good communicator – always checking that we were happy with how things were progressing – and he is also very good at up-selling extras," says Gordon.

Ambridge says the warehouse floor features a robust 1340/890 epoxy system in the forkhoist/maintenance and steam wash-down areas.

"This coating is designed to combat the hydraulic fluids that can damage some coatings. We also completed pathway marking and joint sealing."

He says the spare parts department, toilets and office walkways all feature Resene Uracryl – a decorative semi-gloss urethane that was matched to the interior décor colours.

The offices had a two millimetre ‘cementitious’ overlay applied in a flagstone pattern, again to match the décor, while the showroom features polished concrete with Retroplate and a special polished effect where the hoists are displayed.

"We completed this work over a two month period, including all preparation," says Ambridge.

Lornette Gordon says they are very happy with the final outcome. There had initially been some differing expectations on how the polished concrete in the showroom would finally look – but this was settled quickly through consultation with Topcoat and the application of a new process to achieve the desired finish.

"We were happy with Topcoat’s service – Mark is a fantastic salesperson and I wish all the other contractors we dealt with through the building process were as helpful as him.

Throughout the whole process contractors were here at the scheduled time and Mark advised us the whole time of who was going to be where, and for how long. I would definitely recommend their services."

As for lessons learnt from this flooring exercise, Gordon admits that while it may seem expensive at first, you need to consider the total lifespan of the floor, usage, wear and maintenance, plus the added value it brings to the finished building.

"Then it puts it all in perspective."

Topcoat Specialist Coatings is the applicator company that does not favour one specific product – but rather promotes the system best suited to each individual environment. It has the trained staff highly skilled in a wide range of coating systems.

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