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THEY perform on both price and quality – and now LDK bearings are available to New Zealand industry via General Equipment.
Based in China, LDK produces a wide assortment of rod ends and spherical plain bearings, as well as mounted bearing units and pillow block bearings – plus ball joints and custom made linkage products for a wide variety of applications.
•    LDK’s All Plastic Rod Ends are made from special corrosion-resistant plastic polymer and are maintenance free and self lubricating. The bearing elements can operate in temperatures ranging from minus 30 degrees Celsius to plus 80 degrees Celsius. They can absorb high forces and yet weigh only a fifth of traditional metal bearing housings.
•    LDK’s Spherical Plain Bearings are particularly suitable for arrangements where alignment movements between shaft and housing have to be accommodated, or where oscillating or recurrent tilting or slewing movements must be allowed at relatively slow sliding speeds.
•    LDK High Temperature Bearing Units utilise a soap/fluoride grease, good for up to 400 degrees Celsius. They also feature silicon seals, which provide excellent high temperature stability, plus a zinc-coated slinger to protect the silicon. The slinger not only protects the seal, but also provides the first line of defence against contaminants for the balls and retainer.
•    LDK’s new anti-bacterial, waterproof Thermoplastic Housings are especially suited to the food industry and come in either set screw or eccentric collar shaft locking variants. The housings and protection caps come in reinforced plastic polymer with an anti-bacterial protection additive – effective against most of the common bacteria found in foodstuffs. The seal and O-ring are in NBR rubber – or Viton on request (for high resistance to chemical agents).

Through its New Zealand agent General Equipment LDK provides cost effective and performance engineered solutions to the most demanding motion transfer needs of New Zealand’s engineering and process industries.    reader enquiries quote: D071102

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